Sensei RipChief Instructor Rip Hoxie is an ordained Anglican Minister. He began karate training in Greenville, Mississippi in 1966 under the instruction of Sensei Jerry Kattawar, Sr. After two years of training, the Greenville Club became associated with Master Takayuki Mikami of New Orleans. Master Mikami, an all Japan Karate champion, began karate clinics and administering belt tests with the Greenville Club as part of the All South Karate Federation. Sensei Hoxie trained for six years until his employment led to his transfer back to Vicksburg, Mississippi. In 1972 Sensei Hoxie opened his first club (dojo) in Vicksburg. He then moved to Biloxi, Mississippi in 1987 and opened a karate dojo there until moving to Jackson, Mississippi in 1994. Karate for Christ was formed in Jackson in 1996 after Sensei Hoxie brought several clubs he started together to become a Christian organization that provided traditional Japanese karate training with Christian philosophies and principles.

Sensei Hoxie teaches as a Christian evangelist. He does not teach any eastern philosophy, but teaches our strength comes from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Through disciplined training and the love of our Lord, students develop into powerful people mentally, physically and spiritually. Students are taught to walk in meekness with a heart for charity towards others. Students who train in this manner develop Christian character and lead by example as Christ teaches us to.

Sensei Rip